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John Harris Lake
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When you start a business, the work you choose to do is not just about making money; it’s an expression of an impact you want to make.

But operating a successful business involves much more than delivering a product or service that people want. It takes hours of keeping records, entering data, filing, analyzing, planning, and forecasting.

JHL Management Solutions is a management consultancy bringing 30 years of business and accounting experience to your doorstep. We’ll simplify your back office efficiencies so you can get back to making an impact.

Manage for Success, affordably.

Business Start-Up
Management Consulting
Corporate Responsibilities
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Sage 50 Implementation
JHL Management Solutions specializes in small- and medium-sized businesses and is a cost-effective resource for helping you manage your business. Our services are designed to be flexible to your business size, structure, and needs. Whether you are looking for simple consultation on your accounting or business practices, or for a full-service accounting solution, JHL Management Solutions can tailor service delivery to maximize value.

Please use the links to the left to learn more about the individualized services we can provide, but remember that John Harris Lake is always only a phone call or email away. If you're not sure whether JHL Management Solutions is right for your business, John is always happy to meet with you at no cost to tell you more about his services and help you cost out various solutions.

Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences, but it is not without challenges. Eight out of ten new businesses fail within the first year. The ones that succeed have combined effective marketing, smart investing, good risk management, positive consumer relations, industry and market awareness, and product knowledge to maximal impact. While many business owners bring industry experience to the table, some neglect the actual business of running a business.

That's where JHL Management Solutions can help. We can assist with developing robust business plans, budgeting, managing risk, and accessing lending instruments to help finance business activities.

Growth is the desired direction of every business. Let JHL Management Solutions help your business succeed through sound and experienced financial management consulting. We offer:
  • financial statement review and analysis
  • trend analysis and forecasting
  • budget preparation and analysis
  • capital asset purchase analysis
  • risk analysis
JHL Management Solutions can assist with all aspects of your financial reporting and tax responsibilities under the Income Tax Act, Canada Corporations Act, and the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, including:
  • completing Corporate Audits
  • preparing adjusting journal entries
  • compiling Audited Financial Statements
  • filing Corporate Tax Returns
  • filing Registered Charity Information Returns
We are available year-round to help you align your business practices to simplify your year-end, corporate, and tax responsibilities, including completing a readiness assessment for a desk or field audit and providing advice on navigating the intricacies of corporate tax law to help your business maximize retainable revenue.
JHL Management Solutions provides a full scope of accounting and bookkeeping services, including:
  • accounts receivable data entry
  • accounts payable data entry
  • inventory management and asset capitalization
  • entries to the general ledger
  • payroll reconciliation and record-keeping
Security of your documents is important to us. We will happily complete these activities right at your place of business to save any transportation of records.
John Harris Lake, owner of JHL Management Solutions, is a Sage One Certified Advisor. He can provide a range of services to you in implementing all Sage 50 accounting software editions, including Pro Accounting, Premium Accounting, and Quantum Accounting, as well as the Sage ONE online hosted accounting solution.

John will provide guidance in selecting the Sage 50 implementation that best suits your business needs and budget, and will stay on to assist with installation, training, and ongoing support.

To learn more about Sage 50, visit:

John Harris Lake, owner of JHL Management Solutions, began his career 30 years ago as a General Accountant at Ethicon Ltd., a division of Johnson & Johnson. At the completion of two years, he had been promoted first to Supervisor of General Accounting, and then to Manager of Accounting Services at Critikon Canada Inc., another division of Johnson & Johnson.

In 1989, he left Critikon to launch his own accounting consultancy, at the same time beginning a long and rewarding part-time career teaching college level courses in accounting, bookkeeping, and business management.

After retiring from teaching in 2014, John transformed the consultancy to focus on assisting small businesses with start-up processes and implementation of accounting, bookkeeping, and forecasting software and procedures. He is a capable management and accounting consultant able to work with a variety of accounting software platforms, but recommends the Sage accounting software series. He is a Sage One Certified Advisor, authorized by Sage Software Inc. to facilitate selection and implementation of the Sage product that best meets your business needs, including providing training and support to your staff.

JHL Management Solutions is based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada but is able to travel to meet your business needs. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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